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Privacy and cookies policy

Registered information

All information which GOSH COPENHAGEN registers to process your GOSH Club membership will be treated as confidential and in accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. To comply with legislative financial reporting requirements, this information is stored for five years.


Third party

The information will not be sold, passed on or in any other way transferred to a third party.


Access to data and objections cf. the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data

In accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, you are entitled to access your personal data or request that it be deleted. Please send any such enquiries to



By using the GOSH Cosmetics website, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

We use cookies to optimise the functionality of the website. Cookies help to ensure a positive user experience: cookies help you to remember your login, and whether you have previously visited the page etc. to give you a better and more user-friendly website experience. We use the following cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies

Cookies which are necessary for the functionality of our website..

  • The website content is stored and administered via the Magento CMS platform. This inserts cookies which recognise you when you browse our website, and can remember, for example, that you are logged in to the GOSH Club.
  • We use GOSH COPENHAGEN'S cookie script to establish how much information you have received about our use of cookies on the website.

Performance cookies

Cookies which are used to support the user preferences you have made on our website.

  • We use these cookies to ensure that you have the best possible user experience on the website; this means that we register your preferences such as language, login details, your GOSH Club information and other choices you make that simplify navigation.

Functionality and targeting cookies

Cookies which are used to run our website and to enable customer feedback and questionnaires, for example.

Marketing – anonymous tracking across websites

Cookies which are used to follow visitors across multiple web services.

  • We use Google Analytics to analyse how you move around on our website. The cookie collects information on traffic data and your IP address.
  • Cookies from Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube are used to display “like”, “Pin it” and “share” buttons, along with which of your Facebook friends “like” our website.

Do you want to disable or delete cookies?

You can always delete or disable cookies on your computer by changing your browser settings. Where you find the settings depends on the browser you are using (Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). However, you should know that if you delete cookies from our website, there may be some features and services which you can no longer use, as cookies must be enabled in order to remember the choices you make.


Data controller
 GOSH COPENHAGEN by E. Tjellesen, Engmosen 1, Vassingerød, 3540 Lynge, DENMARK


Indtast din e-mail adresse, som er associeret med din konto, og vi vil sende dig et link på e-mail så du kan nulstille dit password.


GOSH Club – Thank you for your registration

Thank you for your registration. We look forward to sharing our latest beauty news with you. You can look forward to lots of entertainment and activities on our website. As a member you can ask questions, comment on the content and rate our products.