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    For the first spring look I used the EYE XPRESSION Quattro ‘001 Back To Nature’.

    I would start by applying the rose brown all over the eyelid, and thenbegin with building up the outer corners of the eyes, up until the crease. Under the eyes I would go with the darkest brown.

    Use the medium brown in the middle of the eyelid and blend it all together. Make sure to blend the edges to create an even finish on the eye. Use the INFINITY EYE LINER ‘004 Earth’ around the edge to intensify the look.

    To create defined and separated lashes use the VOLUME SERUM MASCARA. Start from the roots build up towards the middle and then finish off with the tip of the lashes.


    Now use your favourite coloured EYEBROW PENCIL to define your brows and fill them in. To define your features, use the CONTOUR’N STROBE KIT ‘001 Light’ for highlight and contour. Then use the LUMIDROPS ’008 Rose Blush’ on the apple cheeks and lips. A good tip when using LUMIDROPS is to dap it on with your fingertips, or use a foundation brush. This will create a fresh spring feel.


    2017-03-17 14_09_59-EyeXpression_InfinityEyeLiner_72dpi.jpg


    The last week it has been feeling a lot like spring, - and looking out of the windows at GOSH COPENHAGEN HQ brings to mind that nature is, as we are, in the mist of shaking off those winter blues.

    It is the time of year to prepare for new beginnings. To come to life again. To shine with a fresh glow. It is the time of year where nature is taking back its colours and with small colour pop-ups of fresh buds bloom is calling out in capitals, - as Robin Williams said ‘let’s party’


    Colours & glow…that is also what our SS17 assortment is about. It has already arrived in stores and presents e.g. new LUMIDROPS – glowy blush shades, new EYE XPRESSIONS – funky colour exploding eyeshadows inspired by the urban nature landscape as well as new LIQUID MATTE LIPS with a range of beautiful shades, perfect for a delicate, vibrant spring look.

    It is time to go out and MAKEYOURIMPRESSION, - enjoying life and spring


    /Karina Ahm


    As 2016 is ending and we are fast approaching a new year, GOSHTALKS will share a 5-minute interview with a true enthusiast, entrepreneur and rebel of heart who inspires us on a daily basis. For this 5-minute interview, please meet Bo Tjellesen, Owner & CEO of GOSH COPENHAGEN.

    Bo Tjellesen - back in the days                                                Bo Tjellesen - year 2016

    1) GOSH COPENHAGEN is present in more than 92 markets worldwide and I know that you are travelling around the world several times every year to personally meet & greet with potential new markets, existing customers, chains & distributors but also to participate at fairs, follow trends, catch up on inspiration and to get a hands-on feeling on what is happening in the markets. What would you say have been the most inspirational experience of 2016?

    Actually, the most inspirational experience, every year, is the way our brand, my team and myself are greeted all around the world. We are welcomed in the most positive way by the trade, distributors, and chains and of course by consumers. I find it very inspirational to feel that the effort and dedication that we, every day around the clock, put into the brand, our communication, visual appearance and the products makes an impact and brings life to our payoff – makeyourimpression.

    2) After working several years in the business together with your father, whom founded the company in 1945, you took over in 1988. Looking back which learnings and influences from your father, have you used to gauge business success and continue development?

    My father taught me so many things and working with him brought me learnings I still use on a daily basis. Overall, it is traditional values. Strive to be a hard-worker in everything that you set out to do, always be up-to-date on business and have an open mind to find inspiration everywhere combined with being dedicated and diligent.

    3) Your children are grown up and they will be next in line for the continuity of the family leadership of GOSH COPENHAGEN. Beside the present on-the-job training and the daily relationship-centered experience they get from working side by side with you, what advice will you give them for the future?

    That is an easy one. My best advice to my children business-wise and for them in their personal lives is exactly the same as the ones I brought on from my father.

    4) The headquarters of GOSH COPENHAGEN in Denmark is situated outside Copenhagen in a large park where you have, beside the administration; also, your own warehouse, production site and R&D department. I know that many of the staff are very loyal to the company and have been with you for several years. Why do you think?

    I truly believe that the loyalty that I have experienced from the staff through the years is due to the fact that we act and work as one big family, caring for one another and the brand.

    5) You were the creator of GOSH COPENHAGEN and coloured cosmetics in 1979 and there is no doubt that you, in all these years, have been able to follow the trends and be innovative in a fast moving market. Now looking into a new fresh 2017 what do you foresee will be the biggest trend in cosmetics?

    - We see a lot of trends, I mean, everything is high-speed, digital, augmented reality, virtual reality, immersive experience and personalised products just to name a few. Combining that with the huge nature trend and focus on climate change, sustainable energy and the farm to table movement that influences what we see in skincare and makeup. I am a firm believer that we will see i.e. more products with UV+ protection and anti-pollution as well as integrated products with beneficial ingredients or healing powers. Also, on one hand natural flush and on the other still a lot of contouring and strobing. In addition, remember to add precious metals and the always-present black mascara.


    In Denmark we have had quite an Indian summer this year, but now autumn is coming on strong with storms, rain showers and all its splendid beauty.

    The autumn feeling and the weather outside makes us want to cuddle up with loved ones, hot buns & warm cocoa. And actually today our chef, Helle, started her day in the kitchen preparing quite a special dough for hot buns.


    Special? Yes, - because Helle is actually using Bladderwrack seaweed (focus vesiculosus) - our Nordic hero ingredient of the AW16 season, in her recipe.

    Maybe you have noticed that the inspiration for this season’s products and visuals are the Danish nature with its rugged coastline, ever transforming sea & Zen.

    Helle has served us these Bladderwrack seaweed buns before. One year ago when we had our internal kick-off revealing the thoughts and inspiration behind the AW16 assortment, we started the day with breakfast and delicious buns.

    The funny thing that morning was that the buns came with a story. Helle is a serious chef, doing things properly. Therefore, she had of course been visiting an expert experienced with harvest of Bladderwrack and had gotten insider information on where to find the best Bladderwrack spots. Bladderwrack is a common brown algae that grows in large clumps in shallow water along the Danish coast. I remember Helle telling us that she was strucked by the simplicity of the process. One just have to find the perfect spot, check if the water is not polluted, harvest, rinse, dry and crush to the desired size.

    Feeling like cuddling up with a hot bun? Give it a go with Helle’s recipe and indulge yourself in Zen and the thought of the beneficial properties of Bladderwrack in an afternoon snack. Pure NORDIC BEAUTY TASTE.

    Helle’s Beauty Taste Buns – approx. 30 buns

    1 packet Bladderwrack seaweed - 20 g

    100 g sesame seeds

    100 g pumpkin seeds

    1 l water

    1 package yeast

    30 g salt

    15 g honey

    2 dl oil

    400 g whole grain wheat

    300 g durum wheat

    1 kg wheat flour

    The Bladder wrack is soaked (follow the instructions on the packaging) and blended with sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. Add all other ingredients and stir the dough in the machine. Leave for 30 minutes. Form the dough into buns. Leave for 20 minutes. Bake at 175 degrees approx. 25 minutes.


  • AW16 launch from a social media point of view

    While everyone else is out travelling, leaving the halls at the GOSH HQ rather empty; as a social media responsible you’re never really off duty. Though I’d love to be at a beach wearing my favourite sunnies, the launch of new products needs preparing and executing online. So it’s safe to say that my phone rarely leaves my hand for more than a few minutes these days.


    As you might know, we’ve just launched our brand new AW16 products and we’re pretty excited to say the least! But though an enormous work load goes into actually creating the products and campaigns of each season, what is shown online also takes weeks of preparation. For this season, I have been hitting the beach – not with my sunnies and towel though - but with my camera and lights! For AW16 we’re taking on the Danish coastlines, since our products contain both Seaweed and Liquid Sea Minerals. Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to see the results…

    Foundation Plus+ - Beach View2 Lash Sculpting - Sand


    When heading off for holiday in just one day, the to-do list is booming with tasks that needs to be ticked off before leaving the office for the summer break.
    Summertime and the space to let go of all routines, is just one flip away on the calendar and I look forward to spending three weeks of happy summer times with my son, family and friends - just enjoying life and the easy-going vibe that goes with being on holiday.

    Easy-going is also, what defines my summer favourites. Summer means relaxation in all ways and for my skin it is about almost no-makeup and a lot of sunscreen, - but no matter where I am going…either staying in Denmark as we are going to this year or going abroad, I still have a few essentials that I treasure and have to fit into my bags.
    I always carry a sunscreen with me to use throughout the day for protection of me and my sons skin…he hates it - I can already hear him…’oh mummy’.
    Cool shades is a must and in Denmark, summer also means carrying an umbrella for unexpected rain showers.

    Makeup wise I need my favourite LIPOIL, - a clear one and one in my perfect summer shade, 004 Raspberry. My son uses the clear one for his lips that tend to get a bit dry. But more important - I use the clear one on my eyelids and on top of my cheekbones to add luminosity and shine, - our Global Makeup Artist, Sidsel Marie Bøg, came up with so many ways to use the LIPOIL and she really got me inspired. The Raspberry, well that’s for my lips, adding a hit of summer colour and a lot of hydration.
    Besides the LIPOIL, I use our GIANT SUN POWDER for a sun kissed look, our BROW KIT for perfect brows and just a dab of black mascara on my upper lashes, - right now my favourite mascara is actually a new one to be launched with our AW16 assortment. Look out for it, - it’s great!

    For now, I need to get back to the last to-do’s on my list before going on holiday.
    Enjoy summer :-) and if you want to check out the LIPOIL tips and tricks, - go to our YouTube channel

    Karina - Blog


    So perhaps it’s time to reveal that I’m expecting a little baby boy later this summer. Being pregnant changes many things – at least for me. I no longer highlight my hair, I have skipped my perfume and I really think a lot about what I put, not only into my mouth, but also on my skin. Most of my skin care regime has been under heavy investigation and only a few items made the cut.
    At the same time, I have really been searching for that special preggo glow – and finally found it. I will share the secret with you guys: SLEEP!!! – combined with my new little miracle maker – the GOSH OVERNIGHT PRIMER OIL ESSENCE – a new luxurious facial oil with a unique blend of caring oils.

    OVERNIGHT PRIMER OIL ESSENCE is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids and helps my skin optimize the benefits of that all-important beauty sleep.

    Bye bye gray and dull skin – hello beautiful preggo glow.

    til blog

    Overnight Primer Oil Essence


    In marketing & communication we sometimes tend to forget to be in the moment - always thinking ahead. The next season, the next product, the next trend. We therefore sometimes forget one of life’s biggest learnings, - to live and feel the moment.
    For the last couple of weeks I have had my head and work time all buried in SS17, finishing the products, theme & communication as well as shooting the most beautiful visuals. Not forgetting the preparation of our internal SS17 kick-off.
    On side, the preparations for SS17 we are working on a daily basis with the launches of the upcoming AW16.
    Then last week, I met with an old colleague for a coffee. During our coffee date, she took the GOSH LIP OIL from her bag and was head over heels about the look, effect and texture.
    It seems silly but it was one of these moments that makes you think. For one, because she is right, - LIP OIL is an amazing lip product and I keep it with me all the time…I love it, my lips love it, I use it for highlights on top of the cheekbones and of course, my son has the clear one in his bag to use for chapped lips during the day.
    However, it also made me think because in my private life, I am very determined to practice living in - and feeling the moment.
    Apparently, I had forgotten all about that…hey…it is the season of SS16. It is time to enjoy, be proud and exhale all the work our amazing team has done to be able to launch all the fantastic SS16 products, the visuals, the behind the scenes - all of it.
    Thinking of all that made me more than proud and gave me a chance to indulge myself in the BEAUTYOFTHERAW of SS16. I hope that you will too. Enjoy:-)

  • The Danish Spring

    Winter in Denmark can be dark and cold with only seven hours of sun on the shortest day. On the contrary, the Danish summer is filled with picture perfect summer nights with more than 18 hours of blissful sunshine a day.

    From the beginning of February nature tells us – that our longing for beautiful Danish summer soon comes to an end. Small flowers like eranthis and snowdrops sprouts and the lark’s song fills the cold air with its beautiful melody – spring is on its way!!!

    This time of year all Danes starts to act a little silly. As soon as the sun shows a few rays of light, we sit outside cafes - even though it is freezing cold – and drink our coffee. We also eat lots and lots of Danish caviar – the lump fish roe – which only is in season for a few months a year, while we wait for the new Danish potatoes and strawberries to come in season too (which we don’t mind paying a small fortune for – as long as we get it as early as possible)

    We keep up with this silliness all through summer, adoring what the Danish nature brings us from its treasury.

    Our SS16 news just hit the stores 1st of February. Beautiful products filled with Danish ingredients like sun-ripened seabucktorn berries and drizzling red raspberries – teasing and reminding us how much we long to be silly.



    I remember my mom bringing home stones or pebbles from days at the sea. From the beaches and coastlines surrounding Denmark, but also from trips around the world. Always a beautiful stone and a beautiful story with it. Stories that I related to through my childhood, but also through adulthood and again when closing my mother’s story of life.

    In youth, my own habit of stones and pebbles came into my life. Not exactly collecting stones, but my eyes just cannot seem to help themselves from observing shapes, colours and the stones ‘expressions’. Eye-magnets laying around and for me an ever-lasting source of inspiration. And you know…there is always that special for my pocket. A touch-base element in a hectic world, reminding me of beautiful and magic simplicity, every time my fingers feels and remembers this particular pebble.

    You know what my 10 years old son likes the most? Family times loaded with time for zen and days spent outside. Driftwood pieces. His aquarium. Seashells. Photos and memories of happy days at the sea. The colour blue in all shades. In addition…stones and pebbles with their stories of time and transformation.

    Sorry - long story short. I actually just wanted to let you in on some of the thoughts and moods for AW16. But I am sure you have already guessed it…the inspiration for the visuals for AW16 were found in nature, the ever transforming sea, the rugged coastlines of Denmark, stones & pebbles, driftwood pieces, zen and a bit of blue.


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