I promised to show some pictures from our PR Event, which was held in COPENHAGEN – obviously :-) The purpose of the event was to release the new name GOSH COPENHAGEN, our new logo and our new visual identity. We wanted to find a venue that represents the spirit of Copenhagen as well as our Danish heritage. In addition, we also wanted to find a venue that was not overexposed, simply to create excitement and buzz amongst the guests (believe me – that is very difficult).

One day I was strolling through Slotsholmen, – the center of the old Copenhagen – also referred to as “The Island of Power” and by pure accident, I bumped into the most amazing venue. It was rough, raw and it felt like the walls wanted to tell me hundreds of stories – if only I had the time listen.

The venue is called the “Lapidarium of Kings” and is placed in King Christian IV’s old brewery – one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. A lapidarium is a place where stone (Latin: lapis) monuments and fragments of archaeological interest are exhibited – and I admit that sounds a little dusty. However, if you ever get the chance to visit Copenhagen – take the time to visit the location – it is breathtaking and the rustic vaults house 384 stone and plaster sculptures dating back from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. All of them used to stand in the royal gardens, squares and palaces around Denmark.


At the event, we had organized a POP UP lab where our Research & Development Manager guided all the guests through SS16 ingredients and formulas.


Our Global Makeup Artist Sidsel Marie Bøg, also managed a makeup station, where she demonstrated the new SS16 collection on a house model.


Finally, yet highly important, we introduced our new makeup units. These babies stole the show and who can blame them?

IMG_8996 IMG_8988