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This unique multi-functional colour release primer enhances any skin tone with a healthy, even-toned glow.
With a complex mixture of anti-pollution ingredients, it fights free radical damage that can lead to visible aging.
Skin looks smoother, and more even-toned with a radiant finish.
The PRIMER PLUS+ SKIN ADAPTOR ANTI-POLLUTION adds moisture, energy, and protects the skin all day.

• Adaps to suit every skin tone
• Refreshed healthy look
• Even glow
• Smoothes & hydrates
• Rejuvenates & protects
• Contains CITYGUARD+ for anti-pollution protection
• Perfume & paraben free
• Vegan..



COOLING & ANTI-WRINKLE. When it comes to combating the signs of age, eyes are first on the list. The sensitive and fragile skin around them reveals the smallest amount of tiredness. This unique colour release UNDER EYE PRIMER enhances any skin tone with a healthy, even-toned glow. The cooling & anti-wrinkle UNDER EYE PRIMER preps the skin for a smooth makeup application. It adds moisture, energy, and protects the skin all day long. The creamy camouflage helps to neutralise dark circles and reduces persistent puffiness to reveal eyes that look remarkably well rested.


• Reduces puffiness & neutralises dark circles

• Cooling & anti-wrinkle effect

• Adapts to suit every skin tone

• Gives skin a healthy, even-toned glow

• Adds moisture, energy, and protects skin all day

• Flawless & matt finish

• Perfume free

• Vegan




Discover the new CHAMELEON FOUNDATION - a makeup sensation that helps to recreate the texture and glow of perfect nude looking skin. This multi-tasking foundation handles the vital jobs of hydrating and protecting to maintain skin's momentum all day.

It’s time to skip the snooze button and wake-up the skin with a healthy glow. Introducing the new CHAMELEON FOUNDATION, for the ultimate no-makeup makeup look. The light, breathable formula evens out the complexion and gives natural-looking coverage, letting the real skin tone shine through. Get a fresh glow that leaves skin looking refreshed and lit-from-within.

CHAMELEON FOUNDATION has a skin-loving formula that hydrates and protects the. Enriched with smart pigment capsules which transforms into a foundation shade when it is applied on the skin. Skin looks flawless and even with a fresh dewy glow. A magical fusion of skincare and foundation. A suitable natural coverage nude look.

This light textured foundation delivers a natural finish. Beyond the foundation makeup, CHAMELEON FOUNDATION is the ultimate all-in-one perfecting cream. Gives skin a refreshing feeling and adds a healthy hit of radiance.

The result is a flawless coverage, suitably even skin texture. Say hello to a base that’s so natural, so luminous, they’ll think you woke up like this!


Not only that. Plastic pollution in the oceans is one of the biggest environmental concerns of our lifetime and is set to triple in the next decade unless prompt action is taken.

As an important player in the cosmetics industry, we need to see the potential in creating circular supply chains and how to re-use plastic once extracted from the oceans and from nearby areas where plastic potentially floats into the oceans.

The new innovative packaging for the CHAMELEON FOUNDATION is made out of 40% ocean waste plastic because we care. For each packaging, we use 10 plastic bags from the sea.


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